• Museum of Stones, the latest novel by Lynn Lurie is out Early 2018
Museum of Stones
   Museum of Stones, Early 2018

Summary of Museum of Stones

The unnamed narrator in Museum of Stones carries the name of everyone who has starred into the face of his or her newborn, having no idea of what is about to unfold. Everything in the narrator's life is refracted against this singular event, often giving way to memories at a dizzying speed. Interconnection of time, place and emotion flood her thoughts as she moves through her daily routines. All of it relates back to the moment of him. An elegy for a life lived, Museum of Stones is also an elegy for the lives she will not live, because, now, after his birth, everything reflects and reverberates against the sound and content of her boy's voice. She works to connect the pieces of herself, in order to form a complete whole. And when her collage is done there is the hope that there are no fault lines threatening.

Review for Museum of Stones:
"Museum of Stones has the scope of a novel, the concision of a novella, and the speed and movement of a prose poem. Remote, but intimate; terribly poignant, yet remorselessly unsentimental. It creates and sustains a compact with the reader... the structure unfolds to reveal new thought and language. Museum of Stones is a tour de force." -Philip Brady